Try to climb up the ranks with the team you are known for or join an established team in hopes to find more success? [poll]

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asked Mar 4, 2013 by Belgian-American Kubbnoob (170 points)
Does it make a difference if playing with the new team would only be temporary or only once per year?
Try to climb the ranks with current team (2 votes)
Join new team in hopes to increase chances of success (3 votes)

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answered Mar 6, 2013 by Kubbn Missile Crisis Kubbnoob (340 points)

Let's combine teams and play the hot hand.  It is a good chance that 3 of us would be hot at the same time.  Time is running out and the Wolfpack needs to make a move.  Let's bring the title to Minnesota.
commented Mar 6, 2013 by Dano Ironkubb ✭ (2,330 points)
2013 the era of the super teams begins!
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answered Mar 4, 2013 by Dobbie Kubblic ❚ (6,450 points)
Chemistry is 90 percent of the battle.
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answered Mar 4, 2013 by ChrisHodges Kubblic ❚ (7,300 points)

I've got to go with "Join new team" because I always seem to be changing rosters, but I'm not certain that there ever was a team I was 'known for.' In my last 12 tournaments I've partnered with 14 different team members and played under 9 different team names. You could say that I recently 'joined' Team Knockerheads since I just put in my first tournament under that banner, but it's largely a semantic issue because we could just as easily played under 'Los Padres' and said Dobbie was joining Grant and me, or that Grant was joining 'Run DMK'. We play under Knockerheads becasue the name means a lot to Dobbie and he's our captain.


Anyway, I ramble... where was I? Join new team - especially if it's only temporary or only once per year! Kubb is a social game, and mixing up partners should be something everybody does fairly regularly in my opinion. Take a look through the player page on Planet Kubb, almost everyone listed has played on more than one team, and it's about a whole lot more than just being more successful if you ask me. They're playing with old friends, playing with new friends, playing with family...


Eric was razzing me a little about saying that I won't be playing solely for Knockerheads for the rest of my life (although I am looking forward to a good long run!), but honestly I'm constantly looking for opportunities to play with new people. I chomping at the bit for a chance to be a part of the Big Red Machine, and there just might be an outside chance I'll get to play in a Kubb'ings jersey one day!


I'd be lying if I said I don't play to win, but there is a whole lot more that goes into who I choose to line up with, you can believe that.

commented Mar 5, 2013 by ChrisHodges Kubblic ❚ (7,300 points)
Ha - I didn't realize this was Phil! Knowing that I'll say you should DEFINITELY be open to roster changes and you should let me know when you've got a spot open!
commented Mar 6, 2013 by Belgian-American Kubbnoob (170 points)
After much discussion and thought, JP Larson, John Oman, and I are forming a team out of the Chaska Klub.  Still working on a team name.  Chris, I'd be happy to find a spot for you on the roster for any team I'm on.  Joe, any kubber would be lucky to be on Wolfpack, but since our klub has been talking about this idea for a while, we've decided to try it out.
commented Mar 6, 2013 by thingles Kubblic ❚ (6,110 points)
Would love to get a Web site setup for you. :-)
commented Mar 7, 2013 by Belgian-American Kubbnoob (170 points)
Does Chaska kubb already have one?