what is the best quality kubb set to buy

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asked Aug 15, 2013 by mike1985 Kubbnoob (140 points)
New to kubb played last weekend and was hooked now want to buy a kubb set to teach my friends and play with them.   Looking for a quality set.  Was hoping for somthing hard wood so it would last longer.   The only real hardwood set I can find is otg set but its not made to specs in the normal shapes its all octagon.  Any opinions would be appreciated.
commented Dec 8, 2015 by Robin
We bought ours from backyardtalilgator . It's a really good set, made out of poplar. Hope this helps.
commented Jul 30, 2016 by asHaup3crci0

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answered Aug 15, 2013 by garrickvanburen Kubblic ❚ (7,390 points)
Tournament sets are made of poplar. JP's Backyard Games also has a southern white pine set (that's what I train with).

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answered Aug 22, 2013 by Dobbie Kubblic ❚ (6,450 points)
The most lasting set I have came across is an Ash set a friend made for me. Ash is the Sherman Tank of woods. It doesn't show scratches, it's probably a special order from the lumber store, and a bit more pricey than other more available woods.

Regardless of durability, I would not recommend Octogon kubbs. It changes the game too dramatically and you lose some of the "spirit" of the game in my opinion.

I would suggest something poplar. That is a solid wood, has the same weight/density as a Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) set, and lasts a little longer than Pine, which is a little more malleable and soft.

However, as Garrick probably has noticed, you can generally buy 2 SYP sets for the cost of one poplar set. so it may be a wash in the end.

Just my 2cents.
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answered Aug 23, 2013 by Eric A. Kubblic ❚ (7,810 points)
Kubb Farm in Eau Claire was making some hardwood sets that were regulation in size. Not sure if the have any left. Go to www.wisconsinkubb.com and see their ad on the right for contact info. Yes, heavier than you would play with in a tournament, but will last longer.

As Dobbie said, tournaments use OTG and JP, mostly. You can go to www.usakubb.org and get their links.