Is not Kubbar the plural for the word Kubb?

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asked Aug 17, 2013 by JK Kubbnoob (180 points)
I see many instructions and even the U.S. National Kubb Championship Rules use the term "Kubbs". The first sentence of the U.S. National Rules even writes it this way right at the beginning, "Be the first team to knock over the opposing team’s kubbs and the king". It is played internationally, the correct use of words would be important I think.
commented Jul 23, 2016 by asHauppdm9ks

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answered Aug 17, 2013 by Rekubblikanen Ironkubb ✭ (1,550 points)
You are correct, in Swedish the plural form for kubb is kubbar. I'm not shure if its a bad thing to use english endings, its probably for the better.
Otherwise, here goes:
Kubb = Kubb
The kubb = kubben
Kubbs = kubbar
The kubbs = kubbarna
The kubbs color, singular = kubbens
The kubbs color, plural = kubbarnas
I suggest you go for kubb and kubbs in english!
commented Aug 19, 2013 by JK Kubbnoob (180 points)
Is it better to refer to the game itself as Kubb, and refer to the pieces in English, i.e. Block and Blocks? What are your thoughts? Also why then is not the King referred to as Kung / Kungen?
commented Aug 19, 2013 by garrickvanburen Kubblic ❚ (7,390 points)
here in the midwest, the cultural convention is to refer to the game as Kubb and refer to the pieces as kubbs, batons, and a king. I suspect other locals have developed a similar convention - localizing the names as they feel comfortable. At this point, I don't see a strong benefit to enforcing standardized piece names for all locales.

Here at Planet Kubb we are supporting localization & http://frå as well as page by page over on I suspect conventions that develop in those places will pollenate the English side and vice versa.