Can a player throw more than once (out of sequence)

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asked Aug 28, 2013 by KubbCanada Kubbnoob (860 points)
Further to the question asked here ( I pose this scenario.

There are 3 players on a team.  Player 2 knocks over the last kubb in play and there are now 3 batons remaining.  Would Player 1, who has already thrown 2 batons in this turn be eligible for throwing at the King?  I see nothing in the VMKUBB rules regarding this and when we play friendly games it is never an issue (we usually play 2 vs 2 and we don't keep track of who throws when or how many batons)...
commented Aug 28, 2013 by Dobbie Kubblic ❚ (6,450 points)
In your scenario, is there a maximum batons per person rule? Generally in a tournament, this is defined in the "tournament rules", such as "no player may throw more than x batons". So, a tournament where no player may throw more than 2 batons...that equals a 3 person minimum team (unless you are confident to go with a 2 person team and only get 4 batons a turn.

In the US rules, II.B.5 states: no player may throw more than 2 batons per round.

You will not see anything in the VM rules because World Championship rules is "no player may throw more than 1 baton a turn.

Either way, in tournaments where they limit batons to 2 or 1 a turn per person, your scenario would be illegal.

In the backyard (around here anyway) we always split the batons evenly, but friendlies don't have to adhere to VM or US rulesets.
commented Aug 28, 2013 by KubbCanada Kubbnoob (860 points)
I was looking for the specifics in the rules at the Worlds but couldn't find it until you wrote it in a different fashion in which I did see it finally. Thank you.

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