When will US Nationals adopt the same kubb set as Worlds?

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asked Oct 10, 2013 by danaoredson Kubbnoob (830 points)
It has been noted that Worlds uses a different design for their kubb sets.
I've also heard of several teams wanting to go to Worlds.

To prepare for the world championship, teams should be practicing with the same set that is used there.

So the question is, when will the US National Championship in Eau Claire select the same set?

I'm sure every tournament and club will switch as soon as that happens, since we use whatever Nationals uses, so we can prepare for it.
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answered Oct 10, 2013 by Rekubblikanen Ironkubb ✭ (1,550 points)
The size of king, batons and kubbs are the same in the US Nationals rules as in the World Championships in Rone on Gotland, Sweden!
commented Oct 10, 2013 by danaoredson Kubbnoob (830 points)
But as was noted in the linked question, kubbs are not cut the same.

To quote: "That is, every edge of the kubbs is rounded evenly. For tournament sets in the US, only the four long sides are rounded, and at a more extreme rounding. "

The difference in how the kubbs are formed will make a difference in how they perform.