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asked Oct 10, 2013 by hardcoreleftie Ironkubb ✭ (1,210 points)
Anyone have a pic or measured dimensions of the kubbs used in Rone?

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answered Oct 10, 2013 by KubbCanada Kubbnoob (860 points)
1: One king 9x9x30 cm.
2: Ten kubbs 7x7x15 cm.
3: Six batons Ø 44 m.m. Length 30 cm

That is from their rules.

It would appear from the rules page on the VMKUBB site that the sets are made of Pine.
commented Oct 10, 2013 by KubbCanada Kubbnoob (860 points)
Also to add a note, the set that I purchased at the Worlds in Gotland was actually manufactured (or at least branded) by Brio.  They no longer have Kubb sets however I should note that each of the kubbs were actually 2 pieces of wood glued together (one of them was starting to split apart down the seam).  It was obvious as the wood grain and colors were different on each side of the kubb  :)
commented Oct 10, 2013 by hardcoreleftie Ironkubb ✭ (1,210 points)
more specifically..... the rounded edges
commented Oct 10, 2013 by KubbCanada Kubbnoob (860 points)
They are not rounded per-se.  They are sanded on the corners and edges, but not specifically rounded.  I can take a photo of what is left of my Gotland set tomorrow for you if you wish.
commented Jan 5, 2014 by danaoredson Kubbnoob (830 points)
Hmm, those rules don't seem as robust as the ones posted on; Can those be submitted to worlds?
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answered Oct 14, 2013 by Andreas Pieper Kubbnoob (470 points)

Finalset of 2012
commented Oct 14, 2013 by anonymous
Can you take one kubb out for a closer look?
commented Oct 17, 2013 by anonymous
Hay, the Kubbset is in Berlin right now, maybee you can Check out the Kubb'Ings Trip to Gotland on their facebook profile.
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answered Nov 4, 2013 by C=mxcXKubbSection Ironkubb ✭ (1,330 points)
All the measures mentioned in the rules are actually standard measures in "Thickness" in any Swedish timber-yard shop. So the lenght of the various pieces are the measures "made up" somewhere deep down in history. Pine is also the most common type of wood in the very same Swedish timber-yard shop. Go to IKEA and you'll see a lot of Pine. The Pine poles that are cut for Kubbs and Kings are used in building various details when building houses, like a porch or a fence. A good Gotland Kubb set is made of the Pine core, witch is very hard and something else than the rest of the tree.

As for the rounded edges, in Rone they have early (not BRIO, I'll come back to that) sets that have the corner edges phased off. Those are very difficult to throw in when the surface is dry like in 2013, or as it was in 2008. Those very old kubbs are mixed in with newer pieces. These newer ones mostly, I say mostly, have edges that are rounded, but still edges, if that make any sense? As opposite to a sharp edge. I would say that the game Andreas refers to in his post (I'm BTW proud to be Grandpa to AI Gel, the hedgehog ;)  ) have those rounded edges. In short, I would say there are three levels of corners, the phased, the rounded sharp and the sharp. Hope this claryfies a little bit.

As for BRIO, they made games for sale that where (at least) two pieces of wood glued together. They were to some extent used in Rone, but have sort of outranged themselves by splitting themselves up into smaller pieces. They are very rare by now, if any. The BRIO games didn't always measure a full 7 cm on the kubbs as well, they where to my knowledge just 6,5x6,5x15 cm. Me and my friends still have some BRIO games, one set have a King that looks like a mummy. Others have kubbs that are screwed together and we always turns them to get the screws pointing backwards, to save the batons... We use them winter time.