What caused the stoppage of play during the 2011 U.S. National semi final games??

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asked Nov 16, 2013 by Dano Ironkubb ✭ (2,330 points)
Bored at work and watching Kubb videos. A one point Eric stops play and makes an announcement or clarifies a rule during the semi's What happened?

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answered Nov 17, 2013 by ringer Kubbnoob (460 points)
There is no time limit for the semi final games.
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answered Nov 18, 2013 by Eric A. Kubblic ❚ (7,810 points)
Hey Dano. Turn up the volume from the beginning until that point and let me know what you think. Listen at 2:20, and that will give you a hint as well.
commented Nov 19, 2013 by Dano Ironkubb ✭ (2,330 points)
Eric ,thanks because of the wind noise and being at work I never viewed it with the volume up.I notice that by the next year Mark Blazel had removed the step from his throw. One less thing to worry about.Nice Job dealing with the situation at the tourney.
commented Nov 20, 2013 by Eric A. Kubblic ❚ (7,810 points)
Yep, feet going over the line on both pitches. Looking back, this was the year competition and intensity was noticeably different from previous years, at least here at the US Championship. It is difficult when one team starts commenting on another teams foot faults, as it is often difficult to see, and now the rules state that kubbs need to go back up, if it happens. Where do you draw the line between giving that team a warning and telling your opposition that you are going to raise downed kubbs on them. Teams can inform other teams in different ways. I had no real problem with the way Dwayne mentioned it to Kubbsicles, but there started to be additional discussions and comments from supporters. I let Kubbsicles know that Team Knockerheads had a concern about it, but I had not been watching their throws (these two teams have a much longer history against each other than most think). You will see me going up to them in the video as well. Then, I decided to stop both matches and go over the rules. Josh and I had a discussion as well from across the pitch during it, as you can see. And you can hear someone on the far pitch talking about their throw as well. One great thing that came out of that, and a couple rules issues in Rockford the next year, was having referees at the US Championship. It was needed.
commented Nov 25, 2013 by Dobbie Kubblic ❚ (6,450 points)
I remember that I was for shame in that discussion. Eric had stated a specific rule. I'll make it up because I don't remember exactly, but here is the jist:

Eric: "Line infractions are in the rulebook."
Josh: "Whoa. Hold on. Line infractions ARE TOO in the rulebook."
Eric: "Yeah, that's what I said!"
Josh: "my bad"(hangs head in shame; goes to corner for sad-time)