Can I knock down a Field Kubb and the King with one shot for the win?

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asked Jan 8, 2015 by hardcoreleftie Ironkubb ✭ (1,210 points)
edited Jan 9, 2015 by thingles
Maybe snow/ice kubb produces some unlikely shots, but had this almost happen. 9 or 10 kubbs in play and have been incasted back to the corner. Blast and get them all down but one that kind of hangs out by the center pin (now completly frozen in the ground). Go for the big shot and the baton hits the corner pin, knocks down the field kubb, but in the process takes a weird trajectory at the king..knocks it over.

WIN or Loss?  It was a shot that was fired from the baseline and all field kubbs are down.


what happens if we had a line. Try a spear...knocks over all field kubbs...and then the king? Had the advantage so it wasn't thrown from the baseline.

I tend to think like bar room pool rules. You call your shot for your last solid ball (for the field kubbs) the cue ball(baton) happens to keep moving and puts the 8 ball in (kills the King) you win.

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answered Jan 9, 2015 by C=mxcXKubbSection Ironkubb ✭ (1,330 points)
This is what the World championship rules state. I'm sure they have an interpretation. My guess is your throw will generate a loss by the "Wood-on-wood"-rule. As your opponent I would state that you didn't throw at the King. I would say a separate King-throw is needed, otherwise it's a loss. I'm in no way sure about this.

"The King
*Throwing toward the king must be done from the baseline and only from the team wich has put down all the fieldkubbs and the opponents basekubbs.
*The rule "wood-against-wood" goes for king felld by mistake, it means that: If you throw aginst the king from some other Place than the baseline you have lost the game.
*The King may be corrected between throwing rounds."

Other opinions please! :)
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answered Jan 16, 2015 by EricGoplin Ironkubb ✭ (3,200 points)
Certainly an interesting rule to discuss. I should clear up our stance since we're the next tournament.

Players won't be allowed to do this at the 2015 Loppet Kubb Tournament. You'll need a separate baton at the baseline for the king shot.
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answered Jun 7, 2015 by KubbCanada Kubbnoob (860 points)
We had this exact situation arise during the 2015 Canadian Nationals this weekend.  However, the player had knocked over the last field kubb, the baton spun after hitting it and knocked over the king.  There was an advantage line so it was a loss with no question.

If it were from the baseline, I would have granted the win.
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answered Jan 8, 2015 by garrickvanburen Kubblic ❚ (7,390 points)
Assuming the final field kubb is clearly and visibly toppled before the king is - I call it a win
(and yes, I've practiced these shots ).
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answered Jan 9, 2015 by C=mxcXKubbSection Ironkubb ✭ (1,330 points)

I found this passage in the Swedish rule department, not translated to english:

"B kastar och fäller först fältkubben 3 och lyckas därefter även fälla
baskubbarna 1 o 2. Nu får B (ENDA LÄGET i spelet, d.v.s. när alla fält och
baskubbar är fällda på motståndarlagets sida) försöka att kasta i kull kungen
med resten av pinnarna"

The last part of the last sentence reads in my interpretation: "...) try to throw the King down with the rest of the batons".

This points towards a separate King throw