Tossing a baton in correct way

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asked Sep 23, 2015 by Albert62 Kubbnoob (670 points)
Sometimes I found players tossing the batons forehand but not holding them vertically but leaving them rest on the forearm before letting them slip horizontally toward the kubbs (especially when the pitch has low grass or the grass is slippery and so the baton can slip easily). Is this a proper way to toss the baton?

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answered Oct 14, 2015 by NeilOH Kubbnoob (480 points)

As long as the baton is thrown underhand and doesn't move more than 45 degrees from the vertical plane it is acceptable. I believe what you are describing is acceptable, watch Bob from the Kubbstaches in this video at 56:08 toss it more like a battering ram. It isn't the same but the baton travels in a similar direction.

commented Oct 15, 2015 by Albert62
I watched the video. Yes it's thrown in a very similar way. Thanks.