How do other clubs establish ladder rankings?

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asked Apr 3, 2016 by mattdoan Kubbnoob (150 points)
We here at the Great Lakes Kubb Club have recently established a ranking system to decide who is the best in our club.  Even though the rankings have been set, there are only a few of us that live within 30 miles of each other, which makes challenges and rematches for placement in the ladder a major inconvenience. An example would be, "fred wants to challenge benny for his 2nd place spot on the ladder, but fred lives 150 miles away.  fred comes to town to visit and plays benny and beats him, gaining 2nd place, however benny wants his spot back and immediately demands a rematch, though it's not possible on the same day, and probably won't happen for months. so now benny is stuck in 3rd place until the two can get back together."  I was wondering how other clubs establish their club ranking without having to ''kick'' other players and friends out of the club, while still being fair and considerate towards the skill level of the rest?

Any ideas or strategies would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Kubb on!

-Matt Doan

commented Apr 4, 2016 by IdahoKubb Kubbnoob (240 points)
Matt -- I'd very curious to know your current ranking system. I'm looking at setting up a new league/group here in Idaho, and that's probably something we should enact.
commented Apr 4, 2016 by anonymous
hey buddy!  here is how we did it so far, and by no means is this the correct way to do it, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

one day, we were all practicing, and we happened to have the majority of the members of our club present.  so we said, "hey why not try to establish some rankings?"

we all agreed, so we basically did a quick verbal vote to determine who was best amongst us, then we had a quick ladder tournament as follows:

5th vs. 4th

3rd vs. 2nd.

then we had the winners of those two matches (best two out of three) duke it out for the 2nd place spot, in which the winner went on to face the best in our club, (phil, because he's awesome.)

we established that challenges could be issued to those only next to you in rank, example: 4th could only challenge 3rd, and 5th could not challenge 3rd without beating 4th.

these challenges had to be completed within one week of issuing, in which the person with the higher seed in the ladder determining the day and location of the rematch.

other than that we have been playing it by ear, trying to figure out better solutions to make it fair for everyone.  

hope this helps!

keep on kubbin'

-Matt Doan


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answered Jul 27, 2017 by Fraim Kubbnoob (640 points)

If you are looking for a great example on how to run your club's ranking system, look no further than Des Moines Kubb Club's website that explains their ladder system. Follow this link: