how to determine a tie in a scrambler

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asked Jul 20 by shiplist Kubbnoob (120 points)
hey there,
about to host a 9 man scrambler this Sunday and trying to wrap my brain around the win margin. I'm doing 30  minute time caps.
 so for instance at the end of the time cap if the winning team has knocked down 4 of their opponents base kubbs and the losing team only knocked over one then the win margin would be 3? subtract the number of loser base kubbs from the number remaining on winning side? sorry for the mental block.
commented Jul 21 by Fraim Kubbnoob (640 points)
Also, from the Des Moines kubb website:

"If you want to play single games in order to play a faster event we recommend using the number of base kubbs left standing by the losing team minus the number of base kubbs left standing by the winning team (note that if one team is winning and lose via King fail then the winners could score a negative win margin); if you play best of three matches use the number of games lost with the winner having the fewest."

So your math from above would be correct, assuming you are doing best of 1 matches. But 30 minute caps seems long for best of 1 matches, so I'm assuming you are doing best of 3 games. In that case, you may want to do the number of matches lost as the tie breaker instead of the base line kubb match tie breaker.

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answered Jul 21 by Fraim Kubbnoob (640 points)

You could always go with Accelerated Kubb Match rules for if a match goes to time. That would eliminate any ties. I'm assuming with 9 players that would not drag your competition on for too long.