How does the advantage line work

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asked Dec 20, 2017 by warrend Kubbnoob (150 points)
Hi Gang
   I am new to KUBB and was not sure how the advantage line works when a field Kubb is left standing.

Do you put a marker etc where the standing field Kubb is so you know where to throw from, the online videos show people throwing from the standing Kubb but how can you win as you have to knock all of them down



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answered Dec 20, 2017 by garrickvanburen Kubblic ❚ (7,390 points)
selected Dec 21, 2017 by warrend
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Yes, stand behind the standing field kubb - no marker used.

You win by knock down all the base & field kubbs on the opposite side of the pitch.

The kubbs on your side of the pitch (e.g. this standing field kubb) are your opponents' problem. :)