Batons: Heavy or Light? [poll]

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asked Jun 16, 2012 by thingles Kubblic ❚ (6,110 points)
Do you prefer your batons heavy or light? Does it mess you up if the batons vary a lot?
Light (0 votes)
Middle (1 vote)
Heavy (4 votes)

2 Answers

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answered Jun 16, 2012 by Dobbie Kubblic ❚ (6,450 points)
One heavy and one light when throwing short. Heavy to blast a very tight group, and light does more pin balling when there is space between kubbs.
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answered Jun 21, 2012 by THansenite Ironkubb ✭ (2,660 points)
I prefer heavy.  I feel like the light ones are more likely to skip over kubbs or be affected by wind.  I feel more comfortable throwing heavy batons, especially at baselines.