Kubb raising question (photo)

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asked Jul 9, 2012 by Dobbie Kubblic ❚ (6,450 points)

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Interesting group

So, the two front kubbs are the ones in question.

Let's call the "leaner" Kubb A and the one it is leaning upon Kubb B

First, we must temporarily raise Kubb A to resolve Kubb B.

Generally, you are forced to go to an unobstructed footprint (away from the centerline pin) instead of to an obstructed footprint (sliding up against the centerline pin)

In this case, IF you go the unobstructed way with Kubb B (away from the pin), it forces Kubb A to be raised so that it is out of bounds, as Kubb B becomes an obstruction. 

Yet, the overall mantra of raising kubbs is: "A kubb cannot be raised in a manner that forces another kubb to be out of bounds, unless there is no other option."

So, in this case, does that force Kubb B to be raised touching the pin?

Or, is Kubb B raised away from the pin, causing Kubb A to be short, via the obstruction of Kubb B?


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answered Jul 9, 2012 by KubbHW Ironkubb ✭ (2,430 points)
I think: The centerline pin is no official part of the game! So remove the centerline pin temporarily. Raise kubb A temporarily to it's unobstructed side (I know it's out of bounds). Now raise kubb B towards the "pin". I cannot see it clearly, but I think is at least 50% in. Put back kubb A to the grass, as if it would have been not leaning on kubb B. Now you can raise kubb A inbounds. Put back the centerline pin as soon as possible.
commented Jul 12, 2012 by EricGoplin Ironkubb ✭ (3,200 points)
I've never seen a pin come out during a game. We've talked a lot while playing casually about the benefits of removing the pin for setting up kubbs. However, I think as it stands now the pin is part of the game and would be considered an "obstruction" when trying to raise kubbs.

The reason that makes sense in my head is that the top inkastares use the pin on their first throws to help build a wall for the rest of the kubbs. Which is cool in my book - if it's there, use it! The other side of that coin though is that it's then part of the game, so it should stay in.

Lots of analogies to be made here though both for and against removing a pin - in basketball the backboard is in play, but the top and back are out of bounds. In golf the pin is in, however you can remove it.
commented Jul 12, 2012 by Sir Kubb Kubbnoob (310 points)
But in golf the pin (flag) only gets removed when making the final shot. It's still there when someone makes a hole-in-one. I agree that the pin is part of the pitch and should not be removed.
commented Aug 5, 2012 by KubbHW Ironkubb ✭ (2,430 points)
I see the discussion to this matter is continued at http://ask.planetkubb.com/708/using-the-center-pin-to-stand-a-kubb