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After a long day of Kubb yesterday at Nationals we have 8 teams playing today! Who do you think will be the victor? Below from USA Kubb...

Team Knockerheads (Des Moines, IA/Leavenworth, KS) vs. Tad Kubbler (Minneapolis, MN)
This is a pure heavyweight match with two tournament favorites. If you know US kubb, there needs to be nothing else said.

Kubbitz (EC, WI) vs. The Ringers (EC, WI)
One from Default with Kubbitz. The Ringers added an 8 and 11 year old. The 8 year old downed their last king to move to Sunday. The crowd roared. Both use the EC Center drill technique.

Wolfpack (Shafer/Rosemount, MN) vs. Leinenkubbels (EC, WI)
Rematch from 2010 Dallas Semifinals, plus one on each side. Intensity.

Kubbsicles (EC, WI) vs. Kubb'd (Des Moines, IA)
The best of the young generation in Eau Claire vs. The Kubberalls and the crew from DM. Kubb'd has the only female in the quarters.

Team Knockerheads (2 votes)
Tad Kubbler (1 vote)
Kubbitz (0 votes)
The Ringers (0 votes)
Wolfpack (1 vote)
Leinenkubbels (0 votes)
Kubbsicles (0 votes)
Kubb'd (0 votes)
closed with the note: Kubbsicles win!