What's the fastest most consistent way to setup a kubb pitch?

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asked Jul 17, 2012 by garrickvanburen Kubblic ❚ (7,330 points)
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answered Jul 17, 2012 by THansenite Ironkubb ✭ (2,660 points)
The DMK Quick Pitch system is the way to go.  Once we got the system down, we did every pitch for nationals in about an hour and a half.  In my yard, I can have a regulation pitch ready to play on in about 5 minutes.
commented Jul 8, 2015 by hardcoreleftie Ironkubb ✭ (1,210 points)
www.desmoineskubb.com has the quick pitch for sale.
commented Jul 13, 2015 by NeilW

Do you have a direct link for that? I couldn't find it.
commented Jul 13, 2015 by hardcoreleftie Ironkubb ✭ (1,210 points)
shoot me an email and I'll help out.
commented Jul 13, 2015 by Dobbie Kubblic ❚ (6,450 points)
the Des Moines Kubb Club ran out of their supply, and the production workers (me and my uncle) have not had a chance to build more. JP, send me an email once Kurt D reaches out. I have to prep Iowa Games, and will be going through the kubb stuff this week. If I come across one, we will get it over to Kurt.
commented Aug 3, 2016 by anonymous
Does anyone have a copy of the quick pitch print-out from Des Moines Kubb.  The video I watched showed half of it, but I wonder if someone has a full copy so I could see the color coded markings and what distance each marking is.