Left v. Right handed players

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asked Feb 20, 2012 by thingles Kubblic ❚ (6,110 points)
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Should your strategy change based on the hand you throw with? Should lefties throw for one side or the other? Are teams that have only right handed players at a disadvantage?

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answered Feb 21, 2012 by desmoineskubb Ironkubb ✭ (4,390 points)
Yes. I think a team should at least consider having at least one left handed player. This allows more "looks" at potential lines of sight. Sometimes there is a line that is more advantageous to a left than a righty. I would suggest the lefty throw first at the beginning at the game at the left kubb on the baseline, assuming your inkastare is a righty.

Secondly, if your lefty is a good inkastare (or kubb tosser), they can provide an advantage depending on which centerpin you are throwing to, if you use the corner strategy.

Perhaps you have two good inkastares on your team, one is a lefty and one a righty. You may find situations where you split kubb tossing based on the situation. It provides a lot more situational kubb having both lefties and rightyies on your team, in my experience.

Our team recently picked up a lefty, and we are looking forward to the advantage!

commented Feb 21, 2012 by thingles Kubblic ❚ (6,110 points)
I always say "driller" for the guy that tosses the kubbs back in. Is "inkastare" the correct term?
commented Feb 21, 2012 by desmoineskubb Ironkubb ✭ (4,390 points)
Inkastare is a Swedish term (CASTING kubbs IN the field), and I'm probably spelling it wrong, but I think "driller" sounds more metal, in my opinion.
commented Feb 21, 2012 by thingles Kubblic ❚ (6,110 points)
I'm sticking with Driller. :-)
commented Feb 22, 2012 by anonymous
we like "inkastare" here in southern WI. It brings the culture with the game as well.
commented Feb 22, 2012 by ChrisHodges Kubblic ❚ (7,300 points)
You have to be aware when you're playing against a lefty too - take extra care when standing the fields because a line that hoses a right-hander can play set up a lefty beautifully.
commented Feb 23, 2012 by thingles Kubblic ❚ (6,110 points)
That is a good point that could easily be missed. Inventory the opponents team and then make sure to accommodate that in standing up Kubbs.
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answered Mar 4, 2012 by bricker Kubbnoob (390 points)
Are left handers trustworthy? I'm not sure I could take the strategic advantage if it came at the cost of worrying that the lefty on my team was drinking my beer while I wasn't looking. You know who I'm talking to!
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answered Mar 5, 2012 by THansenite Ironkubb ✭ (2,660 points)
Last year at nationals, my teammate and I were very conscious of whether the team had a lefty.  We took care in standing up the fields and showing some lines that would be difficult for a righty to hit, but easier for a lefty.

Having profiscient right and left handed inkastares is a huge benefit.  A good right handed inkastare can throw a field kubb and make it jump to the right of where it hits.  This is very helpful in putting kubbs where you want in the build.  However, if your build looks like a C with the opening facing out of bounds, it can be difficult to "weave the basket".  A lefty can throw the field out of bounds and make it jump back in for a very tight build.