Indoor winter Kubb

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asked Aug 28, 2012 by Thorson Havabeerson Kubbnoob (120 points)
Who has some good indoor Kubb pitch ideas for the winter.  What surface is good...carpet...if so what pad underneath?  Any thoughts would be welcome.  After "UffDa Fest" and Dallas this Florida boy will want to move indoors and play.  Until Feb in MPLS anyway!   Thorson

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answered Aug 31, 2012 by hardcoreleftie Ironkubb ✭ (1,210 points)

We played last year at a KC Hall in Shakopee. two pitches were set up on carpet. Not plush or anything. That real short industrial type carpet you see in schools, etc that is easy to clean. Inkasting takes a little extra work, but I saw Eric Goplin do excellent with it. The third pitch was ona tile type substance that probably had a bunch of asebestos in, but was interesting to play on. More sliding the kubbs vs drilling them.


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commented Sep 1, 2012 by Dobbie Kubblic ❚ (6,450 points)
Blue painters tape works very well to create the lines needed on an indoor surface. You could decrease the width of the pitch by 7cm and state that a kubb needs to touch the tape to be in bounds. Just an idea.