Does anyone know where to buy a replacement Kubb piece?

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asked Aug 31, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Sep 26, 2012 by thingles
We've lost one of our Kubbs, where I can a buy a replacement online?  Help I need it soon!

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answered Aug 31, 2012 by jakefreeberg Ironkubb ✭ (2,030 points)

Call Old Time Games.

I'm pretty sure they'd sell you a single baton or whatever.

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answered Aug 31, 2012 by hardcoreleftie Ironkubb ✭ (1,210 points)
I make sets. If you are local let me know...Might be able to help out.
commented Sep 5, 2012 by anonymous
Where are you located?  I'm in the detroit Michigan area.
commented Sep 5, 2012 by hardcoreleftie Ironkubb ✭ (1,210 points)
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answered Sep 1, 2012 by ringerjr Kubbnoob (990 points)
If the leftie doesn't have what you need, I have a wide selection of new and used Kubb set pieces from a variety of manufacturers. If you are looking for a particular piece to fit into your set, I would be happy to help find a suitable option. Sets from manufacturers vary from year to year in size, density and even type of wood. Prices are reasonable, you pay shipping. I don't have an internet store setup YET, but can help via email or phone. Kubb Farm: Growing kubb, throwing kubb. 715/864-2162 or kubb at ellringer dot info.
commented Sep 5, 2012 by anonymous
How quick could we get one shipped out?  I have the standard, not stained set purchased from Old Time  I need the piece that  you knock down first, which I am pretty sure is called the Kubb.  I also need one of the small dowel stakes that mark off the playing field.  What would the cost be?