Do you prefer heavy or light batons?

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asked Oct 15, 2012 by thingles Kubblic ❚ (6,110 points)
In the discussion on various Kubb sets one difference I tend to notice right away is baton weight. Do you have a preference regarding baton weight? If so, what is the reasoning behind it.
commented Oct 16, 2012 by thingles Kubblic ❚ (6,110 points)
By the way, I didn't even realize that I already asked essentially this question before: Batons: Heavy or Light?

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answered Oct 16, 2012 by Dobbie Kubblic ❚ (6,450 points)
For me, it depends on the scenario.

I have used the lightest baton when I need the baton to "do the work" for me. A heavier one when I need a field kubb to "do the work" and roll back into a double. Lighter batons go further when attempting a long double, but heavier batons do more damage when they hit. Heavier batons when throwing 8 meter on windy days. Light batons at 8 meter on calm days. Light batons provide more "pinball effect" in groups that are spaced out, and heavier batons  tend to remove debris from piling up in front of that last kubb when throwing a dense woodpile.

I always pick the lightest baton possible for the opening toss.

As for a set of 6 batons, I want a complimentary mix of heavy, intermediate, and light batons, that way I can select the most appropriate baton for the situation.
commented Oct 16, 2012 by Dano Ironkubb ✭ (2,330 points)
Dobbie, you think about Kubb Much? Good answer !!
commented Oct 16, 2012 by garrickvanburen Kubblic ❚ (7,390 points)
Dobbie - ever think about hiring a caddie?
commented Oct 16, 2012 by thingles Kubblic ❚ (6,110 points)
A Kubb caddie that details each Kubb before the drill, wipes down the batons and makes sure they are ready to throw and in weighted order. Brilliant!
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answered Oct 16, 2012 by THansenite Ironkubb ✭ (2,660 points)
I prefer heavy batons.  I feel they are less susceptible to wind.
commented Oct 16, 2012 by Evan F Ironkubb ✭ (1,960 points)
I agree, I prefer heavy for blasts and 8m.  But, I'm ok if they are just consistent.  I struggle when changing weights as I tend to throw the lighter ones over the target alot.
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answered Oct 16, 2012 by thingles Kubblic ❚ (6,110 points)
I'm going to weigh in on my own question.

I'm actually surprised by my own answer. I initially would have though I would like a heavy baton but I generally just find that I'm not very accurate at 8m with heavy batons.

I much prefer a lighter baton (not light, just lighter). And I much much prefer consistent weights.